Software to automatically perform night downloads

 Hi Guys ,

 I was keeping on searching for a Software to automatically perform night downloads so that i can utilize the free downloading hours provided by BSNL from 2am - 8 am . I could find some but they do not conform to my needs , so i finally decided to make one myself  here is  a software what i called WinRouter Restarter that can help people  to Automatically download in the free downloading Hours.

what this software does is to reset your router connection at 2 am in the morining , you have to reset your connection after 2 am to enjoy free downloading hours, so schedule your downloads after that time , also the software will automatically shutdown your computer before 8 am( at the end of free downloading hours) , so that you wont get charged , by using this method , i had even downloaded up to 85 GB in a month , please dont try this if you are not an advanced user as it need several tries before actually setting up every thing.

       The software is simple and easy to install and configure , if you have any doubts post it here

  Download  WinRouter Restarterr


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