(OLD VERSION ) Automatic Kernel Compile and Install for ubuntu

NEW VERSION RELEASED AT http://pcideas.blogspot.com/2011/06/auto-kernel-compile-and-install-script.html

Hi all,

In an attempt to make kernel compilation method easier and for assisting new people to linux , i made this version of the kernel automatic compile script ….
its working fine for my ubuntu and i also tested it on fedora…


1. Download kernel from kernel.org ( currently latest stable is ), Always download the latest stable kernel on the main page.
2.Download this script , place it along with the downloaded kernel file in
any directory.
for  eg. i create a directory called linux in desktop and
put  kernel_install_by_hari_v0.3.0.sh and  linux-2.6.39.tar.bz2 in the same directory.
4.Then go to terminal… change directory to the directory (that contains these 2 files) and run the script by
cd  <directory that contains those 2 files>
 sh    kernel_install_by_hari_v0.3.0.sh

5. after extraction process completes… do the configuration…choose your processor model and make in configuration section , ur system will
become very fast when it is compiled for your specific build instead of generic build.

6.Save .config file

7. It will take a lot of time to compile based on the modules you have
choosen to install…

6. sometimes…the script will ask for supervisor password when
copying files to restricted directories…. so make sure you keep a
watch on it

if you find Bugs … lets discuss :-)

Download link for Automatic Kernel Compile Script by Hari v0.3

NEW VERSION RELEASED AT http://pcideas.blogspot.com/2011/06/auto-kernel-compile-and-install-script.html


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