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a Trick to download up to 120 GB per month in Bsnl BBG FN Combo 500 plan

This trick will only be applicable for BSNL  BBG FN Combo 500 plan which has unlimited downloading from 2 AM to 8 AM

Here is a quick summary of this plan .

Monthly charge : Rs. 500
Speed: 256 Kbps to 2Mbps
Limits: 2.5 GB free usage
Night Unlimited: from 2 am to 8 am
Extra charge if traffic exceeds imposed limits: 20 paise per MB
Minimum hire period: 1 month

How much can i download per month using this trick ?

Free usage Time :  2 am ~ 8 am  ==>  6 hours of free download time.

speed = 2 Mbps 

 How much can i download in a day using free download = 2 Mbps * 6 hours

= 2 * 1048576  * 6 * 60 * 60 bits
= 45298483200 bits
=5662310400 bytes
=5529600 KB
=5400 MB
=5.2 GB

but 5.2 GB seems only theoritical , i have friends who have reported up to 4-4.5 GB / day using this technique.

How much can one download in a month ?

 Assumming  daily download  to be 4 GB /day and 30 days / month

 it will come to 4 GB * 30 = 120 GB ( ghosh! , better get a new hard disk! )


   It is perfectly legal and y…

How to search for a file, without using windows search

Here is a way to search for a file in windows without using windows search

Step 1 : Goto command line (Windows key + R ) and type CMD

Step 2: goto root directory by typing cd \

Step 3: To search a file, type

dir /s <file name>

Eg : dir /s winrouter*.*

you can see that it can accept wildcards

How to Reduce Memory usage by firefox and speedup browsing

If you are one of those people who a have computer with less RAM, then using firefox will seem excessive slow when your are opening too many tabs and browsing for a long time, here are some tricks to reduce RAM usage by firefox

Step 1: Examine the addons list (Tools- > Add-ons) in your mozilla firefox and remove unnecessary addons

Step 2: Install Memory Fox  Addon to Mozilla. click here to Add the Firefox Addon.

Step 3:Install Flashblock Addon to Mozilla., click here to Add the Firefox Addon.

Step 4:  This setting will release memory when minimized by pushing it to Virtual memory, if your firefox becomes very slow , then minimize and restore It ... After Restore you will  fint it be faster....

 Type  about:config in the address bar.
 Right click at the content and choose New->Boolean.
 In the textbox, type "config.trim_on_minimize"  without quotes and press OK. Set the new value to true. Step 5:  changing " browser.sessionhistory.max_total_viewers" value to 1.