Buy an Micro Sd plus a Micro Sd reader instead of pen drive

Folks who want to buy a new usb pen drive / flash , can now rethink and buy an Micro Sd card instead ,
i recently brought an 8 gb micro sd and micro Sd card reader ,

buyin an micro sd card provides you versastility by using it as:

  1. a pen drive
  2. with mobiles having micro sd / mini sd . / sd slot
  3. with cameras and recorders
  4. and finally with laptops and pc's with additonal card reader

 If i had brought an pen drive , i would not have used with my camera , i would have to buy an seperate micro sd for that,

so my idea is buy a 16 gb micro sd and multiplex its use with variety of devices,


I think micro Sd is a bit slower than pen drive , but you will not notice the difference with newer cards , branded micro sd cards with class 6 are always faster.

Other thoughts
I think pen drives are little cheaper , around 5% lesser than micro sd



  1. The most popular micro sd memory card is the micro sd 4gb card. As this memory is sufficient for most users and is priced reasonably making it affordable for most people to purchase. We do offer micro sd cards with larger and smaller memory.


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